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February 2017 – Curious about Harvard?


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We have just returned from the Harvard Africa Conference where it was encouraging to see a resounding commitment from top African talent to return home.

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Onwards & Upwards
The Homecoming Revolution Team

Harvard Africa Conference – Boston
Returning to Africa was one of the main themes at this year’s Harvard Africa Conference. It was inspiring to see a real desire among delegates to come back and make a difference on the continent.

The room for the “Right Time to Move Back” panel was full packed to capacity with hardly any standing room space!

It was fantastic to interact with talent of all industries and exciting to see new Fintech, Financial Services, Consulting, Media, FMCG and Health Talent expressing an interest in returning home.

A key insight gained from the conference is that while South Africans are chiefly motivated to return home for friends and family, Nigerians and Kenyans want to return home for the right career.

We were particularly moved by Euvin Naidoo’s (Partner & MD at BCG) keynote address.“For African partnerships, there needs to be a healthy tension between the VALUE and your VALUES”. He added that local, on-the-ground knowledge is the biggest strength you can have as a business leader. Euvin was awarded the 2017 Harvard Business School Leadership Excellence Award from the HBS Africa Business Club.

Mohammed Dewji, President and CEO of METL Tanzania, spoke about his emotional homecoming journey and how apart from having a successful, diversified business, he has played a critical role in water sanitation in his home country.

Binta Toure Ndoye, Director General of ORAGROUP SA Togo, said it was important for her to return so she could transfer her skills. She told the audience the most important thing you need when returning home is to be passionate about Africa.

Seni Suliman, Country Director at Andela Nigeria, said he really got tired of being in a place that didn’t feel like home.“It felt far more gratifying to be on the African continent”. He said it is however critical to move back for the right reasons, stressing that many of his friends moved back for the wrong reasons.

Nadou Lawson, who was born in Togo, told the audience said passion is important when considering returning home. She also spoke about the unique opportunity to make a difference at home. “While you are in the US you are a businessperson. At home, you are a social entrepreneur.” She however cautioned the audience to not romanticize the return but at the same time, said life is too short to deliberate.“You have one wild and beautiful life – find your purpose. It will propel you to where you want to go.”

Sim Nwogugu, Executive Director at Junior Achievement Nigeria, said returning may not necessarily mean coming to your home country, but to another country on the continent.She echoed Nadou’s sentiments, urging the audience: “Instead of WHEN, ask yourself WHAT is the life you want to lead”.

Harvard Business School
Adam Ikdal (Managing Partner at the Boston Consulting Group) & Angel Jones (Homecoming Revolution CEO)
Angel Jones & Kim Thipe (Head of Marketing SAA)
Panel Challenge of Leadership in Africa: Ronak Gopaldas (Head of Country Risk at RMB), Paul Trustfull (Founding Editor Forbes Afrique), Graham Sinclair (Sustainable Investment Expert), Toyosi Ogunsiji (Founder & CEO Rise Networks)
Kwame Rugunda (MPA Candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government), Liz Ngonzi (CEO of Afrika Tikkun USA) & Euvin Naidoo (Partner & Managing Director at BCG)
Africa Tikkun’s Elizabeth Ngonzi & Homecoming Revolution Director & Shareholder Faye Tessendorf
Homecoming Revolution Director Faye Tessendorf with some of the top diaspora talent at the Harvard Africa Conference
 Homecoming Revolution Director Faye Tessendorf
Angel Jones, Samuel Alemayehu (MD Cambridge Industries Africa) and Ethiopian Delegates
Faye Tessendorf, Alon Lits (GM Sub-Saharan Africa at Uber) & Harvard Delegate
Angel Jones, Ntombifuthi Mtoba (President & Founder of TEACH South Africa) & Faye Tessendorf
#HeartAfrica at the Harvard Business Conference 2017
Ashveena Gajeelee (Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government), Angel Jones (CEO of Homecoming Revolution), Anie Kharajian (Senior Director, New Markets, Executive Education at Harvard Business School), Ronak Gopaldas (Head of Country Risk RMB) & Faye Tessendorf (Director at Homecoming Revolution)
Homecoming Revolution CEO Angel Jones addresses the Panel of the Morning Keynote Address on Day 2 of the Harvard Africa Conference: Celestin Monga (VP & Chief Economist AFCB), Paul Hinks (CEO Symbion Power), Daniel Monehin (President Sub-Saharan Africa Mastercard), John Macomber (Senior Lecturer Harvard Business School)
BCG Event – Johannesburg
The Boston Consulting Group hosted a networking event on 22 February which brought together young financial executives. The event focused on Financial Inclusion on the continent.

ALU Event – Johannesburg
We attended an inspiring, interactive event hosted by the African Leadership Union. The event, which was led by Vice Dean Catherine Duggan (a former Harvard Business School Professor, focused on the global economy & offered insights into opportunities and challenges in Africa’s constantly changing business environment.
James Earle (Principal Consultant at Ericsson Business Consulting) & Makhosazane Mtetwa (Recruitment Consultant at Homecoming Revolution)
Naomi Mamakiri (CA and Entrepreneur) & Makhosazane Mtetwa
Relebogile Khwela Entrepreneur & Penny Ntshingila (Recruitment Consultant at Homecoming Revolution)
Makhosazane Mtetwa, Attending LLB Student & Penny Ntshingila
A Selection of Job Opportunities
We are recruiting for top roles across a variety of sectors across the continent. Ensure we have your details by uploading your CV & please spread the word to your friends & family.

Oxford Africa Conference 2017
Talented African Homecomers
Please get in touch if you are interested in recruiting any of the following candidates:

South African Male – High-level ACI GM just returned home from Ghana

Kenyan Female – Development Management Specialist focusing on Advisory

South African & Nigerian Dual Citizen – Senior Data Analytics Executive with an MBA in Corporate Finance – Wants to Return home from New York

Nigerian Male – Top Tier Banking & Financial Services Specialist

South African Female – Business Development & Strategy Executive. Wants to return home from Switzerland

Ghanaian Male – Agricultural Economist

South African Male – Strategy & Business Development Expertise. Wants to return home from the Netherlands

Nigerian Male – Business Development Executive with strong media experience

South African Female – ACI International Relations & Marketing Strategy Specialist

South African Male – Finance Management Professional with 22 years’ experience

Ugandan Female – Seasoned Pan-African Development Advisor

South African Male – Finance & Marketing Professional within the FMCG industry. Wants to return home from London

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