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September 2016 – Why Creativity is Crucial

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Did you know that “creativity” is one of the top skills needed in the future? As a recruitment firm, we don’t just look for creative candidates, but we approach the whole search in a creative way. Read more below.

South Africa celebrated Heritage Day this September with people across the spectrum celebrating their culture, beliefs and traditions in their own special way. And what made it all the more poignant was the very sad passing of Mandoza, the legendary kwaito musician who we pay tribute to. Our fellow countrymen around the world will forever remember “Nkalakatha” blazing across every radio station, wedding, party and sports event. His music helped a rainbow nation define itself and dance in celebration of diversity.

From Nigeria to Kenya to down south, if you’re a candidate looking for opportunities back home, make sure you have a look at our selection of pan-African job opportunities.

If you’re an employer looking for top professional skills, please get in touch.

Have an amazing weekend, and never forget, if anyone can an Afri-CAN.

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Why Creativity is Crucial
“It’s all about Unboxed Thinking,” says Faye Tessendorf, Director at Homecoming Revolution.Creativity will be one of the top 3 skills required by 2020. With the avalanche of new products, new technologies and new ways of working, professionals are going to have to become more creative in order to benefit from these changes. (WEF Jobs of Future report 2016)

As a recruitment firm, Homecoming Revolution doesn’t just look for creative candidates, but we approach the whole search in a creative way.

Homecoming Revolution will often place “leftfield” or “wild-card” candidates who may not… Read more here.

A Selection of Job Opportunities
We are recruiting for top roles across a variety of sectors across the continent. Ensure we have your details by uploading your CV & spread the word to your friends & family at home and abroad.

In The News
homecoming-revolution-wits-review-article-article-lWitsReview, the magazine for alumni and friends of the University of the Witwatersrand featured Homecoming Revolution in their August 2016 edition. Read more.


All Africa Business Leader Awards

Winner, Adrian Gore of Discovery, with Faye Tessendorf and Angel Jones


The Winners across all categories included Stephen Saad, Aspen, for Best Entrepreneur; Brian Joffe of Bidvest for Lifetime Achievement; Stacey Brewer of Spark Schools for Innovation and Linda Olagunju of DLO Energy in the Youth category


Forbes Africa and CNBC Africa hosted the All Africa Business 2016 for Southern Africa at Montecasino on 29th September.

The annual All Africa Business Leaders Award in partnership with CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa honoured business excellence in the Southern Africa region. Awards went to those business leaders who had made a considerable impact on industry and community. Homecoming Revolution were thrilled to rub shoulders with amazing movers and shakers who proved that “if anyone can, an

St. John’s College – Youth Speaking Festival

Akani Khumalo from Roedean Academ


Judges: Andy Rice, Angel Jones and Prof. William Gumede


Gumboot dancing entertainment

Homecoming Revolution CEO Angel Jones was a Judge for the Inaugural St John’s College Youth Speaking Festival. The topic of the day was “Proudly South African” and many inspirational speeches made the judging a hard task with such a high standard.

Chefs Who Share Launch
Celebrity Journalist, Jen Su, and Africa on a Plate Chef, Lentswe Benghu entertain the audience

Celebrity Journalist, Jen Su, and Africa on a Plate Chef, Lentswe Benghu entertain the audience

Homecoming Revolution CEO, Angel Jones with a statue of Mandela

Homecoming Revolution CEO, Angel Jones with a statue of Mandela

“Chefs Who Share – the ART of Giving” launched it’s 4th consecutive year at the Maslow hotel, raising over 2 million for youth development. Recipients of the funds included The Click Foundation who are making a big difference by bringing technology, education and innovation together with over 20,000 learners on their reading program.

Mandoza Tribute
homecoming-revolution-madoza-tributeWe loved this tribute to the great Mandoza by local SA musician, Maurice Machi. Mandoza’s music bought many diverse South Africans together on the dancefloor, around a chisanyama, in the traffic, on the beach. His death is a significant reminder that it is our diversity that defines us. Watch the video here.
Upcoming Events
Homecomer Story – South Africa
homecoming-revolution-the-diedericks-f“Losing your home is one thing, but losing your identity to fit in is not something we are prepared to do.”

We shared posts about South Africa’s turmoils in a bid to convince ourselves that the reasons why we left were good enough reasons to stay. And yes most of them are very good reasons to stay and stick it out and suck it up.

But when you see your child starting to lose her accent and refusing to speak to family because it hurts her too much and you realise that she will grow up without any family whatsoever.

That she will have no support system here and that she will become a Kiwi and never know what it is to be South African, she will never understand what it is to be South African and she will never relate to our heritage and history – you wonder if it is all going to be worth it down the line… Read more.

#HeartAfrica Campaign
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