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August 2016 – Career insights from African homecomers

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Interesting trends have emerged amongst the high-level executives we’ve placed in recent months. From Lusaka to Dakar to Nairobi, on why their careers flourished with a return to the continent. See 7 key insights below.

Building prosperity in Africa is all about relationships, relationships, relationships. This was the focus of our pan-African Relationships are Gold networking breakfast at the Hyatt, Rosebank in Johannesburg earlier this month.

If you’re a client seeking top talent, brief us on your role requirements. If you are a candidate, take a look at the top career opportunities below or upload your CV.

Onwards & Upwards
The Homecoming Revolution Team

7 Career insights from African homecomers
1. Global Uncertainty

“Since the local elections, we have decided to return from Italy to Cape Town. Seems SA always pulls itself back from thebrink, with way more than 9 lives!” – Matthew Chersich

2. Innovation

“You have to do things yourself and that involves a lot of creativity in how you approach problem-solving ” – Yacine Diagne, who returned to Senegal after attending our New York event in September 2015

3. Origination

The attraction was to build a high performing team from scratch. Since then, my team has doubled in size and our aggressive growth is flowing through into the numbers.” – Michael Awori, whoreturned to Nairobi after attending our London event in March 2014

4. Purpose

“I want to make a tangible difference to my community through financial literacy projects.” – David Chansa, who we recruited to FNB Zambia after 25 years living away from home

5. Unpredictability

“As with everything, comingback to SA has its highs and lows. We’ve even had deliveries stolen from our mailbox! But we have continuous access to our family and we’re happier than we’ve been in a very long time.” – Lerisha Kissoon-Higgs, who returned to Durban after attending our London 2015 event

6. Pan-Africanism

“Africa is our continent; and we the people have all it takes to nourish it.” – Kenyan Vivian Onano, who returned home from the US to Johannesburg

7. Network

“They say there is nothing like doing business in Africa and it’s not what you know, it’s not who you know, but rather who knows you.” – Homecoming Revolution Director & Homecomer Faye Tessendorf

Our “Relationships are Gold” Networking Event
Homecoming-Revolution-Relationships-are-Gold-3 Homecoming-Revolution-Relationships-are-Gold-1 Homecoming-Revolution-Relationships-are-Gold-2

Each attendee at our Johannesburg event, from dignitaries to chief executives to global HR professionals, gave messages of inspiration for skilled Africans who are contemplating coming home.

Homecoming Revolution Acha Leke

“You are missing out if you aren’t on the continent right now.” – Acha Leke, Director at McKinsey & Company.

Homecoming Revolution Innocent Dutiro“To have talent that has been exposed to more mature markets is what we’re looking for. Africans living in the diaspora would be ideal candidates for our business.” – Innocent Dutiro, CEO of MMI Holdings Africa.
 Homecoming Revolution Benson Mwesigwa“We need skills. We need expatriates to come back home and support these plans for Africa’s economic expansion.”– Benson Mwesigwa, Senior Manager of Africa High Growth Markets, KPMG
 Homecoming Revolution Akan Nelson“If you want to be on the cutting edge of influencing world culture, then I’d recommend coming back home.”– Akan Nelson, Founder and CEO, Evolve Initiative.
 Homecoming Revolution Christian Nyaundi“I returned home from Sweden because I wanted to tell my kids in fifteen years that when Africa was rising, I was a part of it.” – Christian Nyaundi, Management Consultant, Deloitte
 Homecoming Revolution Simone Vorster“I returned to South African ten years ago because I truly believe that the grass is greener on this side.” – Simone Vorster, Human Resources Operations and Strategy Manager: Africa, Thomson Reuters
 Homecoming Revolution Richard Akwei“We need to collaborate and empower Africans, especially the youth, to develop crucial skills and provide the human capital we need to develop Africa.” – Richard Akwei, Executive Director, Musa Capital Advisors Limited.
 Homecoming Revolution Ronak Gopaldas“Why should people come back to Africa? I think Bob Diamond said it best, working on the continent allows you to do well and to do good at the same time. And I think, in reality, this is where the magic happens.” – Ronak Gopaldas, Head of Country Risk, Rand Merchant Bank

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We are recruiting for top roles across a variety of sectors across the continent. Ensure we have your details by uploading your CV & spread the word to your friends & family at home and abroad.

  • Regional Manager: Corporate Investment Banking East Africa Region, Johannesburg
  • Relationships Managers, Financial Services, Abidjan
  • Management Consultants across Digital, Technology and Financial Services, Strategic Consulting, Johannesburg
  • Relationship Manager, Insurance, Nairobi
  • IFRS Specialist, Management Consulting, Johannesburg
  • Tax Technology Manager, Management Consulting, Johannesburg
  • Universe Software Developers, Insurance, Johannesburg
  • Business Manager, Financial Services, Johannesburg
  • TMT specialist, Management Consulting, Lagos
  • Mandarin Speaking FAIS Accredited Call Centre Manager, Financial Services, Johannesburg
  • Mandarin Speaking FAIS Accredited Call Centre Team Leader, Financial Services, Johannesburg
  • Mandarin Speaking FAIS Accredited Call Centre Agents, Financial Services, Johannesburg
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