Jul 29

‘I get to see my family & childhood friends always’

Fashion designer Helena Aya Aidoo-Morrison the brain behind the Aya Morrison fashion label, spent six years living abroad before returning to Ghana.  Her brand is one of the most popular fashion brands in Ghana providing style-conscious women affordable luxury from purses, bags, and accessories to their one-of-a-kind swim and resort wear offerings. Here is her homecomer story.

I returned to Ghana in 2011 after completing a corporate communications degree at New York’s Baruch College of Business.

After graduating, my passion for fashion escalated tremendously. I took brief online fashion classes, experimenting with textiles, understudying other garment makers in the fashion avenue of NYC, developing a strong fashion sense in the industry.

I started a small business while in college and came back to Ghana for cheaper labour and easier access to raw materials and of course, it’s home.

My best thing about being home is I get to see my family and childhood friends always. I also get to contribute to the economy from my knowledge acquired abroad through various events and the like.

The most challenging thing for me about being home is the economy, which is gradually affecting sales in my business

My advice to someone thinking of returning home is: “Home is always the best place to settle and establish roots in the form of family or businesses.”