Jun 17

‘This continent allows you to maximise your full potential’

Kenyan Hazel Ojany lived in Chicago, London, Philadelphia and New York City for 10 years before returning to Africa. Here is her homecomer story.

I chose to return to Africa to live, work and play at my true potential.  I now advise local and foreign business and political persons on how best to drive socioeconomic development in their countries and sectors of interest in Sub-Saharan Africa.  I focus on Africa based business opportunities that can measure attractive returns on investment coupled with sustainable job creation for both white & blue-collar Africans.

The reason why I love living, working and playing in Africa is because this continent allows you to maximise your full potential and discover the purpose of your life. Come home if you are committed to creating positive change for this and the next generation of Africans.

But having said that, doing business in Africa is not for the fainthearted.  You will be tested on your ability to understand that challenging experiences and the human principal of comparison do not cancel your true capacity.

My advice to those thinking of returning home is: open your mind to new possibilities. Your past is not a measure of your maximum capability.  Living in fear will never allow you to know what you can achieve living, working and playing in Africa. Visit different African cities.  Choose to understand Africa by becoming a good student of history.  Network to find people who want to see you succeed as you share your potential to build a better Africa.