Apr 16

My Homecoming Revolution

Before I start with why I returned from London, let me start with why I left. It wasn’t due to potholes, nor was it due to load shedding and it wasn’t even due to Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla antics. I left South Africa with a broken heart due to a relationship that didn’t work out. I arrived in London on the 1st of January 2015, to start my new life and I loved it. London is a vibrant city! It’s dynamic, diverse and fast paced.

So why did I come home?

I returned to SA, ironically for the same reason I left; it was a heartfelt choice. London has incredible people and I made friends for life, but, I began to realise more and more just what, and more importantly, who, I had left behind. I left my family, friends and colleagues. I left people who loved me and whom I love and there is no amount of pounds sterling to replace that, even at 18 to 1!

South Africa currently faces a range of challenges and it is easy to get lost in a sea of frustration. I shall not wax lyrical about how we need to just be positive as I think that is a somewhat naive approach. What I do wish to say is that we should not underestimate the ‘wealth’ we have in terms of the support many of us have in our friends, family and loved ones that can enable us. I have found that no challenge is impossible when tackled in a unified front.

I went to London to find love and I did, in South Africa. It was there all along and it took me a trip away to realize it. I am back home and ready to work with my colleagues, friends and family in facing South Africa’s challenges. I pray for our country every day and mostly that we do not let our frustration stop us from seeing also the miracles of our land and its people. I pray that we continue to strive for the values left by our beloved Madiba and that we recognize one truth I have come to know and understand through my journey

“Home is where the heart is”