Feb 23

A modern day S.African cinderella story

Bernina RSA posted the following story a couple of days ago about one of their employees. It has since gone viral.

Some 19 years ago, a man in his early twenties came knocking on the door looking for a gardening piece job. Fairy Godmother liked the young man’s face and the fact that he looked full of energy convinced her to try him out as a piece job gardener.

She learned that the young man’s name was Joubert Shale and before long Joubert had a permanent Saturday gardening engagement with the fairy godmother.

Joubert received further special gardening training from Fairy Godmother and before long he was in total control of the entire garden. Soon the early morning schedule was changed, as Fairy Godmother had Joubert enrolled at a registered driving school so that Joubert could obtain his driving license, which he did with flying colours.

Fairy Godmother has as one of her clients the Bernina South Africa company. At that time she learnt that there was a vacancy at Bernina RSA for a workshop technical assistant and decided to introduce Joubert to the responsible person, as this would give Joubert a permanent job. The young man was interviewed and started in the position as technical assistant some 17 ago.

Today, some 17 years later, Joubert is a senior sewing machine technician at Bernina RSA and he also specialises in the servicing and repair of steam ironing and cleaning products.

What makes this a truly fascinating story, is that Joubert, now a family man with two young sons and a house of his own in Ficksburg, continues to care for the fairy godmother’s garden on Saturdays, where he clocks in at 6 on a Saturday morning.

Fairy Godmother has told Joubert on a number of occasions that he does not have to do her garden anymore, to which his answer is always the same: “When I was hungry, this garden fed me and still doing the garden on Saturdays is my way of thanking the garden and Fairy Godmother for the opportunity they gave me many years ago, while I am constantly reminded when talking to the plants in the garden on Saturdays, that life owes you nothing, so when an opportunity comes your way, no matter how small and insignificant, grab it with both hands, cherish it and stay in touch with your humble beginnings.”

Joubert closes the door of his Land Rover and waves Fairy Godmother goodbye as he drives off after another Saturday gardening session!