Jan 20

What African expats miss most about home

1. Friends and family

Home truly where the heart is. Emotional ties to family and friends are the top thing that Africans in the diaspora miss most about home. Kids growing up with grannies and grandpas close by and knowing their roots is a big factor. According to a survey conducted by Homecoming Revolution, in conjunction with World Wize Surveys, 67.38% of respondents said they would return to South Africa to be closer to family and friends.

2. Feeling of belonging

Coming home is like wrapping yourself up in a warm, cozy blanket, it is familiar.  It is natural to have a greater affinity to people who are ‘like you’.

3. Lifestyle

There are certain qualities of life at home that are simply irreplaceable. The unavoidable allure of home offers a great work/life balance, grass under your toes, majestic beauty and big skies.

The weather – What’s not to miss about the weather? Feeling the warmth of the African sun on your back, it is even mild in winter, and who doesn’t love the sounds and smells of a real African thunderstorm?

Warmth – The friendliness of people popping by unannounced, the sense of ‘ubuntu’ people have for each other, feeling welcome in other people’s homes, looking at each other in the eyes.

4. Innovative career

Africans in the diaspora have so much to offer the continent, there are so many growth opportunities and opportunities to do things differently. Your career doesn’t have to be linear or go according to hierarchical structures. The African continent requires cross-pollination and entrepreneurial thinking.

5. The food

Fish paste, ugali, Nik Naks, jollof rice, pap and gravy – an African in the diaspora can almost get a bit misty eyed thinking about their favourite things to eat from back home. These aren’t necessarily anyone’s greatest foods but the familiar tastes and smells are almost certain to evoke memories from back home.

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