Oct 17

‘Move Back Based On Your Own Convictions’, Osato Aghatise Chats About Making The Big Leap!

Homecoming Revolution recently came across this inspiring story on the website.


We were excited to catch up with Osato Aghatise this week. He moved back to Nigeria in August 2014, having spent half a dozen years abroad studying and working. In Nigeria, he is tackling what is arguably one of the fastest growing sectors; Ecommerce, from a truly innovative perspective. Read on to find out what he is up to these days, what his thoughts are on the future of Ecommerce industry in Nigeria, as well as other interesting facts you certainly do not want to miss. Enjoy!

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us who you are?
My name is Osato Aghatise, I am the Co-Founder and CEO of, Nigeria’s first online personalised greeting card store. Founded in 2012, the site was launched in January 2014.

Please walk us through your educational background
I was born in Ughelli in Delta State, and went to primary school out there at a school called Noble Crest. After that my dad got transferred to Lagos and I moved to Lagos, around the age of 7 to round up my primary education at Bellina Primary School in Akoka. I began secondary school in Warri; Federal Government College Warri, however I wasn’t there for too long and transferred over to Federal Government College Ijanikin for a couple of years and finally did my SSCE and graduated from ADRAO International School Victoria Island Lagos in 2001.

No pun intended but sometimes you hear people describe FGC Ijanikin as one of the toughest schools in Nigeria?
I was in the boarding house and it was absolutely fun. Exclude the bullying episodes where senior students ‘obtain you’ (take your money) and the rest of it was a great educational experience. I met a lot of my good friends today at the school and we had an absolutely great time and I do not regret going there at all. The school had kids from a wide variety of backgrounds; kids from wealthy homes and kids from more humble beginnings interacting in the same school. The environment was a leveller and gave me the personality to adapt to wherever I find myself.

Thanks. Where did you go to University?
I attended the University of Lagos,  studied Psychology, and graduated in 2006. Coming out of high school, I had a lot of ideas and suggestions on what  to study, but wasn’t sure what it was going to be. I thought about studying Accounting, Economics, and Business Administration etc and simply went in with an open mind with an intention of developing myself in whatever field I got offered. Going in to study Psychology was one of the best decisions I made. In addition to the fact that I met my wife on the course, it also helped with concepts like emotional intelligence, understanding personality types and lots of other concepts. From a business perspective, it taught me how to better understand my customers and have meaningful interactions with them. Shortly after graduating from Unilag, I was posted to Yobe state for NYSC.

How was life at Unilag? And is it true what we see in Nollywood movies where ‘older citizens’ pick up students from Moremi Hall?

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