‘My Tokunbor Experience’

Nigerian Born and England Raised Mariam Tijani's returned to Nigeria in 2015. She recounts her experiences of being an ‘IJGB’ or ‘Just Got Back’ in Nigeria. “The Tokunbor Experience” –... read more →

I choose home

I have just returned, to the place I call home, SOUTH AFRICA after living in a van and traveling halfway around Australia alone. It was absolutely liberating. I learnt things... read more →

We moved home for our kids

After completing Matric, Jacqueline de Rozario-Knezevich, sold her first car and bought a one-year return ticket to England. The plan was to work hard, save money and come home to... read more →

Moving back to Nigeria in 13 easy steps

Wendelyn Okemini returned to Nigeria after spending several years studying at boarding school and universities in England and America. Despite living in Nigeria for the last three years, she still oscillates... read more →

My May 25th Love Story!

Below is an Africa Day poem written by homecomer J van Reenen on his love for South Africa and Africa. You drew me close then catapulted me away with a... read more →

Everyday in Nigeria is an experience

Yemisi Adegoke, a freelance journalist and documentary film maker, returned to Lagos after living in the United States and the United Kingdom. Through the Nigerian lens, that crazy business idea... read more →

Barista by the Sea

Marck Barter knows my husband’s name, and his favourite beach breaks. Which boards he likes to use for each break, and who made them. He knows my daughter’s names, where... read more →

Nik Rabinowitz: Come home everybody!

South African comedian Nik Rabinowitz has an incredibly funny and inspirational message for South Africans abroad. "Sometimes we lose perspective. We go to other places and forget how great it is... read more →

Cry the Beloved Country

“Indeed mother you are always our helper. For what else are we born?” Alan Paton, Cry The Beloved Country. ANGEL JONES EXAMINES HER UNPREDICTABLE LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH SOUTH AFRICA AND... read more →

SA was the right step

I am British but my wife is South African and in 2009 we decided to move to SA – my wife had been in the UK since 1999 (straight after... read more →

How to Spread it: Paul Harris

For some South Africans, ours is a nation ever on the precipice. They can hardly find anything of value to say about it. These people exasperate FirstRand Bank founder Paul... read more →

Exploring the Unknown

After a holiday to Ghana, Jennifer and her husband Harry completely ruled out settling and raising their family in Ghana. “All the reasons not to come back came to the... read more →

Learning to be Ethiopian again

“I want to go to Holland or to England because it’s clean and beautiful there,” said my 11-year-old sister Lidya, who has never traveled outside of Addis Ababa or owned... read more →